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Sunday, 21st July 2019  


To process the Educational Cooperation Agreement governing an internship, please contact the internship officer at the faculty offering the degree the intern is studying.

You can click on any degree to know the faculty which offers it.

Bachelor's degrees
Business Administration and Management
Architectural Technology
Environmental Sciences
Political and Administration Sciences
Accounting and Finance
Media and Cultural Studies
Design and Development of Video Games
Social Education
Agri-food Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Automation and Industrial Electronics Engineering
Industrial Technologies Engineering
Computer Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Architectural studies
Geography, Town and Country Planning and Environmental Management
History of Art
Food Innovation and Security
Catalan Language and Literature
Spanish Language and Literature
Early Childhood Education
Primary School Education
Advertising and Public Relations
Social Work
Dual Bachelor's degrees
Biology / Environmental Sciences
Economics / Business Administration and Management
Business Administration and Management / Law
Biology / Biotechnology
Law / Political and Administration Sciences
Law / Accounting and Finance
Law / Criminology
Economics / Philosophy
Automation and Industrial Electronics Engineering / Electrical Engineering
Industrial Technologies Engineering / Business Administration and Management
Early Childhood Education / Primary School Education
Master's degrees
Advanced Catalysis and Molecular Modelling
Attention to Diversity in an Inclusive Education
Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
Food Biotechnology
Business Innovation and Technology Management (BITM)
Environmental Change: Analysis and Management
Cognitive Science and Language
Water Science and Technology
Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Politics
Smart Cities
Communication and Cultural Studies
Criminology and Penal Execution
Tourism Management and Planning
Tort Law
Entrepreneurship and Business Development
Industrial Engineering
Computer Engineering
Teaching Spanish and Catalan as Second Languages
Tourism Management (Erasmus Mundus)
Medical Images and Applications (Erasmus Mundus)
Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies
Analytical Philosophy
Teacher Training: Secondary and Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching
Cultural Management
European Medieval Identity
Psychosocial Intervention
Youth and Society
Mechanics of Materials and Structures
Heritage and Landscape
Music Pedagogy 0 - 12
Policies and Planning for Cities, Environment and Landscape
Health Promotion
Integrated Crop Protection
Educational Psychology
General Health Psychology
Research in the Humanities
Challenges of Contemporary Philosophy
Sustainability and Touristic Building Construction
Applied Chromatographic Techniques
Smart Healthcare
Work, Labour Relations and Human Resources
Cultural Tourism
Vision and Robotics




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